Restaurant Parkhotel Terezín

 We would like to welcome you to our newly refurbished restaurant Parkhotel Terezin.

We offer you:
  • great choice of salads
  • great choice of chicken, pork,
    beef or fish
We are flexible and we can arrange any other
requirements upon request.

There is also a newly refurbished hall available
with a capacity of 80 seats which is suitable
for performing cultural and sociable events.

Our pleasant staff is looking forward to your visit.
We are able to meet all your wishes and requirements.



0,33 l French onion soup with toasted cheese bread      25,- CZK  
0,33 l Russian soup „Borsch“ with whipped cream     27,- CZK  
0,33 l Old Bohemian garlic soup          25,- CZK  
0,33 l Beef broth with liver dumplings       26,- CZK  
HOT STARTERS                
Egg omelet with tomatoes and mozzarella       65,- CZK  
Toast with spicy meat hotpot  (50 g chicken breast, pork ham)     60,- CZK  
Prague ham and eggs  (70 g ham, 3 eggs)         65,- CZK  
DONE DISHES                
100 g Marinated beef sirloin with creamy and vegetable sauce    82,- CZK  
  (carrot, parsley and celery) served with dumplings        
100 g Spicy goulash served with dumplings       72,- CZK  
150 g Roasted pork shoulder with cabbage, dumplings, potato dumplings 79,- CZK  
200 g Steak Tartar with 10 slices of fried bread       250,- CZK  
200 g Beefsteak on bacon and green beans served with your choice of  freshly made side 255,- CZK  
200 g Roast beef with  mushroom ragout       185,- CZK  
200 g Pork tenderloin Medallions baked with blue cheese served    155,- CZK  
  with mixed warm veggies            
200 g Pork tenderloin with mushroom ragout       160,- CZK  
200 g Steak served with honey and chilli       125,- CZK  
200 g Steak served with black, green, red and white pepper   125,- CZK  
200 g Steak served with mixed warm veggies and seasoned butter    130,- CZK  
150 g Diced pork served with honey and chilli       110,- CZK  
150 g Diced pork with chilli sauce and paprika       110,- CZK  
150 g Diced pork with mushroom ragout       120,- CZK  
100 g/ 150 g    Fried pork chop served with French fries     85,- /110,- CZK
150 g Grilled pork liver served with boiled potatoes and Tartar sauce 67,- CZK  
100 g/ 150 g   Fried chicken fillet, French fries       85,-/ 110,- CZK
200 g Chicken breast filled with spinach, cheese sauce     120,- CZK  
150 g Spicy chicken pieces with chilli and honey     110,- CZK  
200 g Chicken breast served with cheese sauce     110,- CZK  
200 g Chicken breast served with green-pepper sauce     110,- CZK  
150 g Diced Chicken on curry  served with French fries      85,- CZK  
250 g Risotto sprinkled with parmesan       72,- CZK  
1 pcs. Trout baked on butter served with fine seasoned potatoes   140,- CZK  
300 g Baked Gnocchi with spinach, chicken and cheese     105,- CZK  
300 g Gnocchi with tomatoes, beans and bacon     110,- CZK  
300 g Gnocchi with cream sauce and mushrooms     95,- CZK  
300 g Spaghetti Primavera (mozzarella, tomatoes, olives)     97,- CZK  
300 g Spaghetti Carbonara (roasted bacon, cream sauce, egg)   110,- CZK  
300 g Penne with chicken and cheese sauce       80,- CZK  
300 g Penne with tomato sauce, olives and roasted bacon   80,- CZK  
300 g Penne with cream sauce and Champignons      75,- CZK  
100 g Fried Eidam cheese served with French fries and Tartar sauce   88,- CZK  
250 g Vegetable risotto sprinkled with cheese       65,- CZK  
250 g Grilled vegetables with baked parmesan topping     69,- CZK  
150 g Fried cauliflower           65,- CZK  
200 g  Mixed salad (cucumber, tomatoes, paprika, Balkan  cheese)   55,- CZK  
200 g  Pasta salad           60,- CZK  
200 g  Vegetable salad with herbal dressing and garlic croutons   55,- CZK  
200 g  Greek salad (cucumber, tomatoes, paprika, red onion, olives, balsamic, feta cheese) 65,- CZK  
1 pcs. Crepe with fruit, ice cream and whipped cream     42,- CZK  
1 pcs. Apple cake           20,- CZK  
  Hot raspberries served with vanilla  ice cream     45,- CZK  
  Ice cream sundae (chocolate and vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, nuts) 50,- CZK  


Dnes: 11.12.2018   Svátek má: Dana

Hotel Terezin